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About Mirror Universe & Serenity Now Tapes: 

Mirror Universe tapes was born in Charleston, SC in 2009. Our current headquarters is located in Brooklyn. In 2015 we launched our sister label, Serenity Now Tapes, focusing on hardcore, dbeat, noise, and hardcore punk. 

Our process:
When you hold one of our releases in your hands you hold a tape that was made by us.  Masters are made, tapes are dubbed, labels are painted, tapes are stamped, j-cards are printed and cut, and the tape is packed up and mailed out to you (yes, there were about six release that were produbbed, but we found that the DIY aesthetic is a more satisfying way of releasing cassettes). 

The receiver that our CDs masters are run through is a Marantz 2226B Stereophonic Receiver and our tapes are made on several TEAC W860R & W865R Stereo Dual Cassette decks.

We love DIY, and that is why we do this label.  Often times our output is limited to what we can physically commit to, and we like it that way.   

If you have questions about our processes please ask (we love talking about it)!

Stream // Buy Tapes & Digital:

Demo and Album Submissions?

We do accept submissions, but first here are a couple guidelines:  

  1. Music for submission should be currently unreleased (i.e. not public on your bandcamp or soundcloud). 
  2. If you have several songs from an EP or an album (or a completed EP or album) that you are working on please send us a private soundcloud link or a download.  
    • These submission are given listening priority when we go through our email.
  3. We prefer to release music by musicians and bands who are able to play live (honestly it helps get tapes in the hands of listeners...but this is not required).  Please send a list of upcoming shows or a selection of past gigs you have played if possible. 
  4. What are we interested in?
    1. Serenity Now Tapes speaks for itself.  Listen to the releases, go to the shows, get the idea.  
    2. Mirror Universe is tricky. We have a long history, but have changed direction over the years.  Read/Listen to Tom's blog to get an idea of where we are going: Immersion in a 90mph World. We have two arms that we are currently focusing on punk and indie pop on one side & post-punk, goth, shoegaze on the other. 

Please send submissions and any other correspondence to: mirroruniversetapes at gmail dot com**.

(Sorry for the delay in response...or in some cases no response. Only one person reads this email. It's a filter, make it past the gate, and the entire crew hears it)

**If you are a hardcore or punk band you can also email serenitynowtapes (at) gmail (dot) com...but honestly both emails get you to Tom's inbox.