Wednesday, April 8, 2015

welcome to the mirror universe

Welcome to Mirror Universe Tapes.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

MU49: Shy Mirrors- Dodging the Column C31

MU49: Shy Mirrors- Dodging the Column
18 track full length album
$8 plus shipping for tape & digital download.

Just want the download? Steam/purchase digital here

4th full length album by Shy Mirrors. Shy Mirrors is the solo project of Sweden by way of Chicago Mike Downey.  18 tracks of indie rock / pop punk brilliance...get ready for some live drums (a new addition to the Shy Mirrors arsenal) and some 4 track recordings to boot!  Art & layout by mperfect design!

Monday, March 2, 2015

MU48: Without A Trace (various artists) *digital release*

MU48: Without A Trace
24 track digital mix tape.  

Free or Pay What You want.

Features previously unreleased tracks by:
Night Powers, Single Lash, Catenine, LeMays, Shy Mirrors, Lame Drivers, No Monster Club, His Clancyness, Future Museums, Spakkiano, The Slasher Film Festival Strategy, Xander Harris, True Neutral Crew, Death Vacation, Vulture Shit, Entia, and SUR.
And amazing slightly released tracks by:
EULA, OWN BOO, Break Up Flowers, Unlikely Friends, and Clean Girls.
Click through for track list, links, and more about Mirror Universe & our sister label Serenity Now!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

PRE-ORDER- MU47: Single Lash- Single Lash C62

MU47: Single Lash- Single Lash
12 song full length album.
$8 plus shipping for tape & download.
This is a pre-order.  Tapes ship on or before April 7th, 2015.
Just want the download? Stream/purchase digital here.

Austin's Single Lash self titled full length is 60+ minutes of reverb filled shoegazey pop under a layer of gothic overtones and industrial haze. Single Lash is fronted by Nicolas Nadeau (also of Slow Pulse) backed by Colin Foster and Neil Lord (of Future Museums). Nicolas' haunting vocals add a chilling touch to an already dark work of art. 

"Deep and resonant with the force of something, if not occult, than primal. This is, after all, the method of Goth rather than the mere trappings." - from "The Method of Goth" on 20jazzfunkgreats (

MU46: EULA- Wool Sucking C33

MU46: EULA- Wool Sucking
10 song full length album.
$8 plus shipping for cassette & download.

Split release with Famous Swords.

Just want the download? Stream/purchase digital here.

Read the Pitchfork review by Stuart Berman.

Video for the 1st single "Noose" is below.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

MU45: No Monster Club- People Are Weird C40

MU45: No Monster Club- People Are Weird
11 song full length album!
$8 + shipping for tape & download
Just want the download? Stream/purchase digital here.
It's been a whole year since Ireland's lovable popsmith has released music, and he has realized a masterpiece.

Artwork by Graham Yarrington.
CD eventually available from Popical Island.
Click through for more info, videos, more.

Monday, January 26, 2015

MU44 Unlikely Friends- Solid Gold Cowboys C33

MU44: Unlikely Friends- Solid Gold Cowboys
13 song full length album!  
$8 + shipping for tape & download

Just want the digital? Steam/purchase download here.

UF are from Seattle, WA featuring members of BOAT, Math & Physics Club, and more!

Artwork by D. Crane.
CD available from Jigsaw Records.

Click through for press, videos, more!

Friday, December 5, 2014

MU40: Slow Pulse - Slow Pulse C32 (repress)

MU40: Slow Pulse- Slow Pulse

Debut 5 song EP

$6 + shipping for tape & download

2nd pressing is in an edition of 65 tapes.
Slow Plus is Justin Sweat (aka Xander Harris) and Nicolas Nadeau (of Single Lash).  Artwork by Nicolas Nadeau 
Click through for track list, streams, info about the first pressing, links, and press. 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

MU37/SGG029: SUR- Dog Daze C26 *REPRESS*

MU37/SGG029: SUR- Dog Daze 
9 song album.

$6 + shipping for tape & download.


2nd press of 135 copies. Artwork by Nathan Duncan.

Austin's Sur hints at stoner rock of the past, think if Nebula or Kyuss was writing in a swamp rather than a desert, but played through the the eyes of kids that grew up on hardcore and going to the beach complete with melodic guitars nd break down sing alongs .

Click through for track list, links, streams, and press. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

MU43: Clean Girls & Vulture Shit's Expensive Tastes C17

MU43: Clean Girls & Vulture Shit's Expensive Tastes
7 song split release
$6 plus shipping for tape & download.

Just want the digital?  Purchase digital/stream here.

Limited edition of 100 tapes with full color art work reversible and hand stamped tape art created by Alex Crocetti and Stephanie Monohan

Fans of punk, hardcore, noise rock, skramz, and ween should check in. Click through for more info. 

Monday, May 12, 2014


Debut 4 song EP
$6 plus shipping for tape & download.
Limited edition of 100 hand stamped tapes w/ full color Jcards. Art by Graham Yarrington.

Just want the download? Purchase digital here.

"France might have invented Goth, but Italy perfected it. The site of democracy, romance and heartbreak: that’s where Own Boo resides. The Brescia-based band partners goth-y gloom with an uplifting message, building lead single “Edie” around the declaration: “I know where I’m going.” - Maria Sherman for Wondering Sound

Monday, February 24, 2014

MU39: Dan Svizeny- Daniel Anton Svizeny C28

MU39: Dan Svizeny- Daniel Anton Svizeny
7 song EP.
$6 plus shipping for tape & download

(includes free copy of Cough Cool's Epic Dreams Cassette)

Edition of 100 tapes. 
Just want the download? Purchase digital here.
Dan might be better known as 1/2 of Cough Cool, but his solo work contains some of his finest bedroom pop.  Click through for press, track list, and more. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

SOLD OUT- MU41: Hartwell Littlejohn & War Party- Fuck Atlanta C27

MU41: Hartwell Littlejohn & War Party- Fuck ATL
8 song EP.
$6 plus shipping for tape and download.


Copies are available: 
Directly from Hartwell Littlejohn and at Saki Mail Order

Monday, September 16, 2013

SOLD OUT- MU31: M. Sage- Scatter The Cabal C31

MU31: M. Sage- Scatter the Cabal
2 long format compositions.
$6 plus shipping for tape & download.


Dubbed on prison issue* high bias chrome hand stamped tapes in an edition of 50.
M. Sage is an extremely talented and prolific electronic musician from Fort Collins, CO.  Sage is also the founder and brains behind the extremely wonderful and inspiring Patient Sounds (intl) label.  We have been following M. Sage since 2009's Apart the Echo (released as M. Pyres & the Skygaze Family Band). M. Sage's first association with Mirror Universe was his track "Rain Scanner" on MU35: Whatever It Is You're Doing Now, and we are happy to present an epic two track 31 minute cassette.  
Click through for more info & video!

MU36: Spakkiano- Spakkiano C36

MU36: Spakkiano- Spakkiano
8 song EP.
$5 plus shipping for tape & download.

Just want the download? Stream/purchase digital here.

Edition of 50 tapes dubbed on high bias chrome cassettes with hand painted and stamped labels. Double sided full color jcards.  

Spakkiano is free form electronica venturing into areas both dark and topical, IDM and jungle, and experimenting with glitches and pulses. 

Click through for track list & additional info. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SOLD OUT- MU38: Lame Drivers- Unlimited Ride: Live & Unheard C60

MU38: Lame Drivers- Unlimited Ride: Live & Unheard
33 song rarities collection.
$6 plus shipping for tape & download.


Get in touch if you are interested in this being repressed.  The 1st 50 tape edition is now sold out.

Live and rare recordings by long running NYC rock n' roll band including tracks from WFMU, KFJC, and Dublab sessions // live tracks from Cake Shop & South Paw// MOAR!
Click through for track list, additional strams, and more. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

SOLD OUT- MU29: Shy Mirrors- Wrong Bomb C19

MU29: Shy Mirrors- Wrong Bomb
10 song full length album. 
$6 plus shipping for tape & download.

Sold out!

Just want the download? Purchase digital here.

Wrong Bomb is fast paced pop channeling the energy of power pop from the late 80s, leather jackets pop-punkers with 27 tattoos, and the intensity of On The Mouth era Superchunk. This is Shy Mirrors 3rd full length with the first two LPs released by Big School!

Tracklist, tape photos, and more after the jump.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

SOLD OUT- MU21: The Slasher Film Festival Strategy- Wet Leather C20

MU21: The Slasher Film Festival Strategy- Wet Leather
7 song EP. 
$6 plus shipping for tape & download. 

Edition of 50 copies with hand painted and stamped labels. J-cards hand dyed in black tea (check it out). 

Expanded version pressed on vinyl by Foriegn Sounds & Death Waltz! Just want a download? Purchase digital here.
Wet Leather harnesses the power and inspiration of earlier releases, but pulling new energy from minimal electronics, experimental dance, coldwave, and horror/sci-fi soundtrack composition. At time Ashley brings to mind a futuristic Badalamenti who has traded in his piano and orchestra for a Juno-60 and a DX-21.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

MU20 His Clancyness - Always Mist C26 *REPRESSED*

MU20: His Clancyness- Always Mist
Debut 9 song EP!
SALE! $3 plus shipping (cassette only)!
If you want a download please purchase tape or digital from our Bandcamp!

His Clancyness is Jonathan Clancy, and this release documents his very first adventures into bedroom pop. Jonathan previously played in A Classic Education, but now has set his focus on what started as a solo project that has now turned into a band of close friends. His Clancyness just announced that their signing to FatCat Records for their second full length Vicious out in late 2013.

Click through for track list and video!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MU22: Foot Village - Fuck the Future II C66

MU22: Foot Village - Fuck the Future II
16 song collection of rareities. 
SALE! $3 plus shipping.

Massive collection of songs & remixes from LA's drummer and megaphone quartet. Noisy, tribal, and beautiful. Side A is comprised of rare and hard to find tracks from singles and compilations, and Side B is ready to make you dance will killer remixes.Click through for track list, and more details.

Please note: if you would like a digital download with your tape please purchase from our bandcamp or snag it here

Thursday, May 9, 2013

MU30: Matt LeMay Singles C44

Double A Side C44*
1. Right Jacket Pocket2. What Would Change
3. Compare and Contrast
4. If And Or When
5. A Portrait Of The Man
6. The Only Lesson Learned (Game Theory Cover)7. By Half

Edition of 50 white cassettes with hand painted and stamped labels.
$5 plus shipping.

Click through for more info on Matt LeMay, links, and streams.

Monday, April 1, 2013

SOLD OUT- MU35: Whatever It Is You're Doing Now 2xC46

Side A
1. Headsets - My Brother and the Ghost of Ho Chi Minh
2. Southern Femisphere - Transgander (When the Community Went Looking for the Lost Gayzling in the Wood)
3. Hip Young Gunslingers - Red Red Sea
4. Lady Condor - Warrior Sisters
5. Mr. Jenkins - Late Shift At Peripheral Zoo (You, too?)
Side B
1. Noveller - This Is Our Ascent
2. M. Sage - Rain Scanner
3. Meadowlands - Dreams of Jaipur जयपुर के सपने
4. Headaches - Constant Concern
Side C
1. The Slasher Film Festival Strategy - Cosmic Burial
2. Lust For Youth - Spring
3. Pariah Carey - Smile From The Grave 4U
4. Xander Harris - Blessing for the Sick
5. Tapeworms - America Endless?
Side D
1. HEADCASE - Good Stride
2. Boring Portals - No Go
3. Lame Drivers - Universe Osmosis
4. SuR - Marfa Lights
5. Foot Village - Clubtraxxx I-III

First batch of 150 printed on two dark blue cassettes with silver print.

SOLD OUT.  Final copies available from Saki and from MU at our events. 

Click through for more info, streams, and press related to MU35!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

MU33 Marshall Trotter - Small Troubles C20

SALE!  $3 plus shipping!

Side A
1. Sixteen
2. Mono y Mono
3. Jumps

Side B
4. High Noon
5. Equilibrium
6. Someone Like You

First edition of 50 copies on clear cassettes with gold foil, with a stickers designed by Marshall ships Monday 4/30! $5 plus shipping


Click through for more info & album stream!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SOLD OUT- MU16/SC190 The War On Drugs - Slave Ambient C94

Side 1
1. Best Night
2. Brothers
3. I Was There
4. Your Love Is Calling My Name
5. The Animator
6. Come To The City
7. Come For It
8. It's Your Destiny
9. City Reprise #12
10. Baby Missiles
11. Original Slave
12. Black Water Falls

Side 2
1. No Returns
2. Snake Tongues
3. Song for Alice
4. Don't Fear the Ghost [Demo]
5. Real History
6. Future Blues

The latest from the War on Drugs. Side 1 is what you'll find on the CD/LP versions of Slave Ambient, and Side 2 is over 30 minutes of all-new stuff with a more ambient sound. 200 copies, red cassettes.

This tape is sold out.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MU09 Baby Lips - Nineteen Ninety Ching C26

SALE!  $2 plus shipping!

1. No Blood
2. Skin
3. I Wanna See You

4. Address
5. Honey/Background Noises

Baby Lips plays lo-fi pop with a dark tinge. Drums, keys, uke. Luchador masks. Wigs. Feedback.

$5 plus s/h.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

MU28 Mr. Jenkins - In Transit/Sleep C30

SALE!  $2 plus shipping!

From the South Carolina Lowcountry, but most recently based in NYC, Mr. (Nick) Jenkins has been regularly self-releasing stuff for about five years. This tape is two EPs, one released earlier this year (In Transit), and one brand new (Sleep). In Transit sort of expands on the 8-bit instrumental pop direction explored in his 8 Bits & Pieces album from summer 2010, while Sleep goes in a more extended, glitchier direction. This tape was released as part of Receiver Fest, which was from March 10-13 in Charleston, SC. We made 25 copies of this on red tapes. If it sells out we will make 25 more. If those sell out, I'm not sure what we'll do.
In Transit:
1. Afternoon Showers
2. Parade
3. Trains & Tobacco
4. For the Bartenders of The Huxton

1. TV Setback
2. Maybe, Yes. Maybe, No. (Ask Again, Later)
3. Sleep

$5 plus shipping and handling

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SOLD OUT- MU25 Idiot Glee - I Did It Sober C29

Pop vocalizations deep from within a soul. This will open your eyes even if they are still wide open. Pianos that will make your heart stir and sounds that will fill your lungs. White girls will love it.

1. Piano Short
2. Boxer in Shorts
3. Sin Quai
4. Left My Heart in Bethlehem
5. Jamie's Song
6. Eyes and Arms of Smoke
7. I Did It Sober
8. Speakers
9. Nina Simone Rip 2
10. I Know My Mind
11. Pop Songs
12. Trying Out Pianos

100 copies on clear cassettes. $5 plus shipping ($2.5 USA/$4 Int'l).


hey read this
if you bought this tape and have received it and it is blank or the sound is totally messed up, please know that we are now aware of this. Just email us and it will be solved. thanks and sorry!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SOLD OUT- MU23 Emperor X - Defiance (For Elise Sunderhuse) C50xC6loop SOLD OUT

Defiance (For Elise Sunderhuse) is a meditation on the nature of life and death. It is dedicated to a young woman who lost her life in a car accident in Missouri.

Here is the concept: the sides of the C50 are reverses of each other. Things whose meaning is obscured upon first listen reveal themselves later, and things that made sense before are now unintelligible. The "single" and title track is on the six-minute loop cassette, in both forward and backward forms. Listen to both at the same time, or each separately.

If your download code doesn't work, please contact us.
Limited to 50 copies. $8 plus s/h ($2.50)


Friday, September 10, 2010

MU18 Cough Cool - Epic Dreams C22

SALE!  $2 plus shipping!

(or FREE! when you order Dan Svizeny's Daniel Anton Svizeny!)

1. Flower Reading
2. Months
3. New Dance

4. Myself
5. Grabbing Smoke
6. Cold You Baby

This EP kind of reminds me of an industrial Jesus and Mary Chain, or something.  I don't know! Check it out for yourself! Black cassettes.

$5 plus shipping. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

MU19 Magic Places - Nitelab Lockbox C30

SALE!  $2 plus shipping!

Side A
The Dark of the Moon
The Bangkok Haircuts Society
Preteritus Et Posterus Unum

Side B
Disproving Occam's Razor

Paul Goerner lives in Savannah, GA and makes music as Magic Places, giving us sample-heavy electronic pieces.

$5 plus shipping. 

This tape will ship around August 24th.

Monday, July 19, 2010

SOLD OUT- MU26 Yu(c)k - Weakend C22

Yu(c)k is the piano-based side project of Yuck. Weakend is a collection of four songs, ranging from the hopeful and poppy opener "Daughter" to the slow and elegiac closer "Automatic."

1. Daughter
2. Weakend
3. Walk
4. Automatic

$5 plus s/h Strictly limited to 100 copies on black cassettes.


It will be available at