Friday, August 14, 2009

MU03 M.R. - Sun-washed C28


1. Mississippi
2. Sunwashed
3. Apples on Her Trees
4. Mother's Son

Side Two
1. Mom Meets a Stranger
2. Traps & Contrivances
4. (Summertime) Split Personality Blues
5. The Great White Light
6. You are the Lion

M.R. is a stage name of Matt Rabin which is itself a stage name. Previously making music as Green Man Blues Band, this new name, like many others, signifies a new musical direction. One one hand, he is distorting the guitars a little bit and adding drum machines, and on the other, he is shedding the structure and sound of the blues (a shedding he had already started) to make gentler, folkier tunes that still pack a menacing punch. I truly believe that this is what Charles Manson would sound like if he was making music now. Also present are shades of Ugly Casanova and Devendra Banhart.

Comes with a free download. $5 plus shipping. 

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