Sunday, July 4, 2010

MU24 Cop Magnet - Babe Magnet C29


We got a box of tapes in the mail with a scrawled note that just said "ERASE THIS TAPES." Not being one to disobey anonymous instructions, I fired up the ol' mass-demagnetizer and pressed GO. When I popped one of them in to make sure the deed was done, it had all this music on it. It was kind of like a pre- or post-beach barbecue when the sun is still up, at the house of your two best friends who got matching tattoos.

Effed up r'n'b hip hop jams, perfect for a party any time of year but especially summa tyme.

Side A
Ignorance is Mystery
Geeked Out (prod. Ryan Hemsworth/Rene)
MNU (Cassie Remix)

Side B
Intro to Ass Shaking
Mall Talk (prod. Rene)
Epic City
Bitches (prod. Ryan Hemsworth)

100 copies on clear cassettes in a baggie. $5 plus s/h

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