Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SOLD OUT- MU16/SC190 The War On Drugs - Slave Ambient C94


Side 1
1. Best Night
2. Brothers
3. I Was There
4. Your Love Is Calling My Name
5. The Animator
6. Come To The City
7. Come For It
8. It's Your Destiny
9. City Reprise #12
10. Baby Missiles
11. Original Slave
12. Black Water Falls

Side 2
1. No Returns
2. Snake Tongues
3. Song for Alice
4. Don't Fear the Ghost [Demo]
5. Real History
6. Future Blues

The latest from the War on Drugs. Side 1 is what you'll find on the CD/LP versions of Slave Ambient, and Side 2 is over 30 minutes of all-new stuff with a more ambient sound. 200 copies, red cassettes.

This tape is sold out.


  1. Right on MU. It hurts my nuts a little to pay $12.50 for a tape, but I assume it was mastered well and it's going to sound awesome. Thanks for your hard work. Saw these guys a couple months ago and they ruled it.

  2. yeah!! WOD in Toronto the 24th!! I will be there.
    but a tape player I have not.

  3. Any info on this? been a month since last update on the tape being delayed?

  4. did the mp3s warp? is this still going down?

  5. I just got my tape today, and it was worth the wait. Thanks!

  6. I got mine, sounds great!! I'm from Philly and a huge fan of WoD, who I used to see as a great local band that's good and original enough to draw fans on a national level if they came through on their next album, and with this release they proved that right...

    anyway, the extra ambient stuff on side 2 made this totally worth it, although I probably would have bought it anyway even though I own it own vinyl. Thanks so much for releasing this!!

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