Monday, January 26, 2015

MU44 Unlikely Friends- Solid Gold Cowboys C33

MU44: Unlikely Friends- Solid Gold Cowboys
13 song full length album!  
$8 + shipping for tape & download

Just want the digital? Steam/purchase download here.

UF are from Seattle, WA featuring members of BOAT, Math & Physics Club, and more!

Artwork by D. Crane.
CD available from Jigsaw Records.

Click through for press, videos, more!
Digital copies are available for purchase on the MU Bandcamp, the bands sites, and on your favorite digital outlet. 

"Soft Reputation" is the first single from UF's Solid Gold Cowboys!

"Pizza Crust Trust" 

Read about it:
Brooklyn Vegan, Tiny Mix Tapes, Austin Town Hall, Do206 Interviews UF!

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