Tuesday, March 9, 2010

MU10 Sun Mantra - S/T C34

SALE!  $2 plus shipping!

Sun Mantra is Matt Ojala, and this tape will make you want to hop in a neon green convertible and bust out of your uncle's garage on one of the moons of Mars and then run naked through the streets screaming and yelling and jumping on top of cars and strollers like the Yankees won the Intergalaktic Futbol Championship. Trust me: rock and roll and its finest.
Side 1:
Expo '18
Pockets Full
Question the Tropics
Garden Sounds

Side 2:
Wondered Often
Stump Feet
Reward Reaper
Muddy Clearview Parking Lot

100 copies for now, on blue cassettes.  $6 plus shipping.


  1. Hi,

    Was wondering if I could get your contact e-mail? Have a question about one of the bands under your label.

  2. beaks and claws at g mail dot com

  3. Reminds me of late-80's sub pop stuff. This may be my favorite release to-date. Someone studied under the Greg Dulli school of rawk. \m/

  4. I Just got this tape from you and love it, can I find it to download? so I don't have to lug my tape deck to work?

  5. hey lantern waste you can send me an email and ill give you a download link or something.

    - matt (sun mantra)