Tuesday, March 16, 2010

MU12 Dead Gaze - End of Days, Why Not You? C35

SALE!  $3 plus shipping.

Side A
Back and Forth
A Simple Man
Future Loves and Sing-Abouts
Store Space
You'll Carry On Real Nice

Side B
Stay, Don't Say
Your Ozzie Face
Song for RS
I'm a Mess When You're Gone

R. Cole Furlow from Mississippi made this tape and it rules. Sometimes it sounds like 80s-era Flaming Lips, and some tracks are ambient soundscapes. If you like pop, if you like rock, if you like weird, buy this tape.
Available from Cole Furlow, 52,5 Records (561 King St Charleston SC) and here.

First 100 copies on black C35s. $6 plus shipping.


  1. I am a big fan of this tape. There is most DEFINITELY a lo-fi "lips" influence. I also hear shades of Beck and even Wilco.

    Don't let that be too much of an indicator, however, this release is rife with originality and uniqueness coupled in with flashes of pop sensibility.

  2. I love dead gaze!!!

    i am in the process of trying to find every release. ty mirror universe.