Saturday, May 25, 2013

MU20 His Clancyness - Always Mist C26 *REPRESSED*

SALE!  $3 plus shipping!

Side A:
1. Mistify the Ocean
2. Misinterpret My Words
3. Vampire Summer
4. Piece of Cake
Side B:
1. Just Like Monday (Early Vers.)
2. Nights and Fables
3. Ottawa Backfired Soon
4. Clear the Mist
5. Nothing and Nowhere to Go

Released May 2010 in an edition of 100 copies on white cassettes.
Finally reissued May 2013 in an edition of 75 copies on white cassettes.
$5 plus shipping.

Click through for more info on His Classiness and YOURS TRULY's video of "Mystify the Ocean."

Always Mist is the first release by His Clancyness. His Clancyness is Jonathan Clancy, and this release documents his very first adventures into bedroom pop. Jonathan previously played in A Classic Education, but now has set his focus on what started as a solo project that has now turned into a band of close friends. His Clancyness just announced that their signing to FatCat Records for their second full length Vicious out in late 2013.Always Mist is once available again in the US right here from Mirror Universe.


  1. I don't understand what the first post says, but I'm guessing it has to do with how much this tape slays--because it does.