Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MU22: Foot Village - Fuck the Future II C66

MU22: Foot Village - Fuck the Future II
16 song collection of rareities. 
Massive collection of songs & remixes from LA's drummer and megaphone quartet. Noisy, tribal, and beautiful. Side A is comprised of rare and hard to find tracks from singles and compilations, and Side B is ready to make you dance will killer remixes.Click through for track list, and more details.

Please note: if you would like a digital download with your tape please purchase from our bandcamp or snag it here

Side A
1. Psychic Connection
2. Comparable Love
3. Napaj
4. 3840 Ticks of the Soul (Featuring Captain Ahab)
5. Follow Your Heart (Featuring Eco Morti)
6. Bones
7. Chicken and Cheese 2
8. Iceland
9. Race Till the End of Food

Side B
1. 420 (National Holiday)
2. Clubtraxxx I-III
3. Crow Call (Anavan Remix)
4. Narc Party (Jason Forrest Remix)
5. The Power of Health (Captain Ahab Remix)
6. Lovers with Iraqis (Algodón Egipcio Remix)
7. Lovers with Iraqis (EAR PWR Remix)
Edition of 100 copies on white cassettes with blue ink.

"Our favorite cassette label, Mirror Universe, has just reissued Foot Village’s 2nd collection of rarities, ‘Fuck The Future II’. Available for the first time ever on cassette, this new edition also includes two bonus tracks. One is a remix by Algodón Egipcio, and the other is a never-before-heard remix by EAR PWR. Beautiful new packaging as well. Foot Village cassettes tend to move fast, so be warned! These are the ecstatic sounds you will need for your upcoming 4th of July party, so order now!"  - via a transmission from the Foot Village

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