Tuesday, October 12, 2010

SOLD OUT- MU23 Emperor X - Defiance (For Elise Sunderhuse) C50xC6loop SOLD OUT

Defiance (For Elise Sunderhuse) is a meditation on the nature of life and death. It is dedicated to a young woman who lost her life in a car accident in Missouri.

Here is the concept: the sides of the C50 are reverses of each other. Things whose meaning is obscured upon first listen reveal themselves later, and things that made sense before are now unintelligible. The "single" and title track is on the six-minute loop cassette, in both forward and backward forms. Listen to both at the same time, or each separately.

If your download code doesn't work, please contact us.
Limited to 50 copies. $8 plus s/h ($2.50)



  1. Just placed my order & can't wait to hear it! Does this come with a digital download as well? I can always rip when the cassettes come but am greedy and impatient...

  2. Paid this guy months ago for this cassette and I never got it. He's not trustworthy.

  3. Hi, Parker, what happened was I accidentally deleted the email paypal sent me when you purchased the tape and lost track of the order. I found your address in my Paypal account and mailed off the tape a few weeks ago. Sorry it took so long!

  4. Can I just buy the MP3's? I'll be in europe and a cassette player will be out of reach for me. princeofilliterature@gmail.com

  5. I got the cassettes but the download link isn't working. Will it be back up soon?