Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SOLD OUT- MU25 Idiot Glee - I Did It Sober C29


Pop vocalizations deep from within a soul. This will open your eyes even if they are still wide open. Pianos that will make your heart stir and sounds that will fill your lungs. White girls will love it.

1. Piano Short
2. Boxer in Shorts
3. Sin Quai
4. Left My Heart in Bethlehem
5. Jamie's Song
6. Eyes and Arms of Smoke
7. I Did It Sober
8. Speakers
9. Nina Simone Rip 2
10. I Know My Mind
11. Pop Songs
12. Trying Out Pianos

100 copies on clear cassettes. $5 plus shipping ($2.5 USA/$4 Int'l).


hey read this
if you bought this tape and have received it and it is blank or the sound is totally messed up, please know that we are now aware of this. Just email us and it will be solved. thanks and sorry!

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