Sunday, March 13, 2011

MU28 Mr. Jenkins - In Transit/Sleep C30


From the South Carolina Lowcountry, but most recently based in NYC, Mr. (Nick) Jenkins has been regularly self-releasing stuff for about five years. This tape is two EPs, one released earlier this year (In Transit), and one brand new (Sleep). In Transit sort of expands on the 8-bit instrumental pop direction explored in his 8 Bits & Pieces album from summer 2010, while Sleep goes in a more extended, glitchier direction. This tape was released as part of Receiver Fest, which was from March 10-13 in Charleston, SC. We made 25 copies of this on red tapes. If it sells out we will make 25 more. If those sell out, I'm not sure what we'll do.
In Transit:
1. Afternoon Showers
2. Parade
3. Trains & Tobacco
4. For the Bartenders of The Huxton

1. TV Setback
2. Maybe, Yes. Maybe, No. (Ask Again, Later)
3. Sleep

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