Monday, April 1, 2013

SOLD OUT- MU35: Whatever It Is You're Doing Now 2xC46


Side A
1. Headsets - My Brother and the Ghost of Ho Chi Minh
2. Southern Femisphere - Transgander (When the Community Went Looking for the Lost Gayzling in the Wood)
3. Hip Young Gunslingers - Red Red Sea
4. Lady Condor - Warrior Sisters
5. Mr. Jenkins - Late Shift At Peripheral Zoo (You, too?)
Side B
1. Noveller - This Is Our Ascent
2. M. Sage - Rain Scanner
3. Meadowlands - Dreams of Jaipur जयपुर के सपने
4. Headaches - Constant Concern
Side C
1. The Slasher Film Festival Strategy - Cosmic Burial
2. Lust For Youth - Spring
3. Pariah Carey - Smile From The Grave 4U
4. Xander Harris - Blessing for the Sick
5. Tapeworms - America Endless?
Side D
1. HEADCASE - Good Stride
2. Boring Portals - No Go
3. Lame Drivers - Universe Osmosis
4. SuR - Marfa Lights
5. Foot Village - Clubtraxxx I-III

First batch of 150 printed on two dark blue cassettes with silver print.

SOLD OUT.  Final copies available from Saki and from MU at our events. 

Click through for more info, streams, and press related to MU35!

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