Thursday, May 9, 2013

MU30: Matt LeMay Singles C44

Double A Side C44*
1. Right Jacket Pocket2. What Would Change
3. Compare and Contrast
4. If And Or When
5. A Portrait Of The Man
6. The Only Lesson Learned (Game Theory Cover)7. By Half

Edition of 50 white cassettes with hand painted and stamped labels.
$5 plus shipping.

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We have been fans of Matt LeMay's music since 2003 when Tom started booking Get Him Eat Him in Charleston, SC. They released two great albums for Absolutely Kosher, several EPs, and were always a blast to see live (people from Charleston might remember them from the epic show at Redux Print Factory).  Next week marks the first physical release of Matt LeMay as a solo recording artist, and Mirror Universe proud to release it.  In addition to being an amazing musician, Matt LeMay is also a phenomenal writer. Here is a little bit about the singles collection from the man himself:

"I am extraordinarily happy to be releasing my third solo single: “Right Jacket Pocket” b/w “If And Or When.” Insofar as any digital release can consist of sides, this is a double-A side; neither song is an afterthought to the other. These are fully fleshed out recordings, and they sound more like the work of an actual *band* than anything I’ve done since Get Him Eat Him disbanded in 2009. Drums and loud guitars for both of these songs were tracked at Brooklyn’s Seaside Lounge, under the ever-vigilant supervision of Phil Palazzolo (Ted Leo, The New Pornographers, Okkervil River). Everything else was done at my home studio, A Question of Frequency.

As with the last two singles I’ve released, “Right Jacket Pocket” b/w “If And Or When” is available as a digital download from Both songs, along with my previous two solo singles “Compare & Contrast” b/w “By Half” and “A Portrait of the Man” b/w “What Would Change,” are also compiled on the cassette-only Singles, now available from the incomparable Mirror Universe label. This compilation, limited to 50 tapes, also includes a cover of Game Theory’s “The Only Lesson Learned.”

All six original songs compiled on Singles are, in some manner, about my emotional life as a teenager. And all six are, in some manner, inspired by the artists (Built to Spill, Chavez, The Green Pajamas, Fountains of Wayne, Destroyer, Archers of Loaf) who soundtracked that life. “Right Jacket Pocket” has its roots in a very specific memory of standing in front of my high school, hoping to impress a girl I liked with my newly purchased black corduroy blazer. “If And Or When” is about my youthful propensity for constructing epic, elaborate mythology around any and every love interest.

These songs were written to hold their own as words and melodies over guitar chords, to make sense as full-band recordings and as solo performances. I played all the instruments on these recordings, using a process similar to the one I learned about while doing research for a book about Elliott Smith’s XO. I’m very pleased with how these songs turned out, and I hope you enjoy them.  - Matt LeMay"
Drums and loud guitars for "Right Jacket Pocket" and "If And Or When" recorded by Phil Palazzolo at Seaside Lounge. Drums and guitars for "A Portrait of The Man" and "What Would Change" recorded by Nick Sylvester at Sound City. Drums for "Compare and Contrast" recorded at Rad Town. All else recorded and mixed by Matt LeMay at A Question of Frequency. Mastered by TW Walsh.

Preview "Portrait of the Man" and "What Would Change" below:

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