Thursday, February 13, 2014

SOLD OUT- MU41: Hartwell Littlejohn & War Party- Fuck Atlanta C27

MU41: Hartwell Littlejohn & War Party- Fuck ATL
8 song EP.
$6 plus shipping for tape and download.


Copies are available: 

Directly from Hartwell Littlejohn.

Side A:
1. Fuck Atlanta
2. Annabel of Chelsea
3. Dangerous Kind
4. Dark Shadows (Lost Mix)
Side B:
1. Saints & Geeks (Acoustic Demo)
2. Running Blues (Acoustic Demo)
3. 14th Floor (Acoustic Demo)
4. Starless Blues (Acoustic Demo)

Hartwell Littlejohn was born in Savannah, GA, spent time in Charleston, SC, and now resides in New York City.  Hart's and his band the War Party make guitar forward, some might call it alt country or Americana, but to us it's straight up rock n' roll.  Side A is the full band which would be at home in a country bar in Georgia or in the East Village, and Side B gives insight into Hart's song writing process. Check out the first single, "Fuck Atlanta," below.  

Pressed in an edition of 100 on sonic blue hand stamped tapes (digital downloads included). 
SOLD OUT at MU homebase.

Copies are available: 
Directly from Hartwell Littlejohn and at Saki Mail Order

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