Monday, February 24, 2014

MU39: Dan Svizeny- Daniel Anton Svizeny C28

MU39: Dan Svizeny- Daniel Anton Svizeny
7 song EP.
$6 plus shipping for tape & download

(includes free copy of Cough Cool's Epic Dreams Cassette)

Edition of 100 tapes. 
Just want the download? Purchase digital here.
Dan might be better known as 1/2 of Cough Cool, but his solo work contains some of his finest bedroom pop.  Click through for press, track list, and more. 

Side A:
1. It's Beautiful
2. Sandra Court
3. Dawn

Side B:
1. Never Home
2. Katmandu- Trenton, NJ
3. War At tHe Shore
4. Gaura


"It's Beautiful" on Decoder Magazine, YVYNYL, Creative Intersection, Deli Magazine, Deer Lodge, and Impose.

"Dawn" on Impose and Creative Intersection.

"Sandra Court" on Tiny Mix Tapes.

Album Premiere on NO FEAR OF POP (Full Album Stream)!

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