Monday, March 2, 2015

MU48: Without A Trace (various artists) *digital release*

MU48: Without A Trace
24 track digital mix tape.  

Free or Pay What You want.

Features previously unreleased tracks by:
Night Powers, Single Lash, Catenine, LeMays, Shy Mirrors, Lame Drivers, No Monster Club, His Clancyness, Future Museums, Spakkiano, The Slasher Film Festival Strategy, Xander Harris, True Neutral Crew, Death Vacation, Entia, and SUR.
And amazing slightly released tracks by:
EULA, OWN BOO, Break Up Flowers, Unlikely Friends, and Clean Girls.
Click through for track list, links, and more about Mirror Universe & our sister label Serenity Now!

Download the entire album now. 

Two tracks will be released as streams each day from Monday March 2nd through Friday March 13th, 2015.  

Welcome to Without A Trace. 

Unlike our other releases that exist as magnetic tape and plastic this mix tape exists in the world without a physical trace. The Mirror Universe is a strange place where quality of music (and quality of people) has always taken precedent over having a cohesive sound.  

"Without A Trace" highlights past, present, and future Mirror Universe Tapes artists presenting, for the most part, previously unreleased material. In 2015, in addition to having many releases lined up, working with lots of people we love and respect, we are also launching our sister label: Serenity Now Tapes.  

Serenity Now Tapes will focus on the dark, heavy, abrasive, and things that don't necessarily fit the vibe we've had over the past couple years at MU. The CG//VS split can be looked at as a foreshadowing to Serenity Now Tapes, and the first official release will be the debut EP by Death Vacation on April 3rd, 2015.

This is a collection of sounds from across the Mirror Universe.  Download and hit play.  

You might find that you fit more sonically with Side A or Side B (see below), but we hope you find something new that you love.

Mirror Universe // Serenity Now

Art by Stepanie Monohan


Side A:

1. EULA- "Little Hearts"
From "Wool Sucking":

2. Night Powers- "Blacken Out Their Stars"**

3. Single Lash- "Stowaway"**
Related Release:

4. OWN BOO- "Gloom"
From "OWN BOO":

5. Caténine- "Don't Wait"**

6. Dan Svizeny- "Sandra Court"
From "D.A.S":

7. Break Up Flowers- "Take Hints"

8. Unlikely Friends- "Golden Telephone"
Off "Solid Gold Cowboys":

9. LeMays- "Dirty Work (Steely Dan cover)"**
Related release:

10. Shy Mirrors- "Plastic Skull"**
From "Dodging the Column"
Related release:

11. Lame Drivers- "Outlaw for a Day"**
Related release:

12. No Monster Club- "The Book of Imaginary Beings"**
Related release:

13. His Clancyness- "Until I Fucked You Over"**
Related release:

Side B:

14. Future Museums- "First Departure"**

15. Spakkiano- "REPETITA IUVANT"**
Related release:

16. The Slasher Film Festival Strategy- "Sophie's Theme"**
Related release (originally released as MU21) now on vinyl:

17. Xander Harris- "The Babalon Working"**
Related release:

18. INFORMANT- "Show Yourself (ft. Gurkha Armi)

19. True Neutral Crew- "Remix of clipping.'s remix of This Song Is A Drug Deal by Foot Village" **

20. Death Vacation- "Wet"**
Related release:
Debut EP out on Serenity Now Tapes on April 3rd, 2015.

21. Entia- "Constructive Engagements"**

22. Clean Girls- "Portion Control"

23. SUR- "The Womb"**
Related release:

** denotes previously unreleased tracks!

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