Monday, May 12, 2014


Debut 4 song EP
$6 plus shipping for tape & download.
Limited edition of 100 hand stamped tapes w/ full color Jcards. Art by Graham Yarrington.

Just want the download? Purchase digital here.

"France might have invented Goth, but Italy perfected it. The site of democracy, romance and heartbreak: that’s where Own Boo resides. The Brescia-based band partners goth-y gloom with an uplifting message, building lead single “Edie” around the declaration: “I know where I’m going.” - Maria Sherman for Wondering Sound

Limited edition of 100 sonic clear custom hand stamped cassettes, with full color two 4 panel jcards, and a digital download.

Mirror Universe is often sited as a European label, and while that is not the case (homebase now in Brooklyn) we do have a deep connection with many wonderful European artists...specifically from Italy.  Our next release is by OWN BOO, a psychedelic pop band, from Brescia.  This stunning four song EP is their first documented audio recording.

Program repeats on both sides:
1. Edie
2. Gloom
3. Here With Me
4. Celebration

About this release:
Recorded by Alessio Lonati and mixed by Pierluigi Ballarin at T.U.P. Studio.  Mastered by Giovanni Versari at La Maesta'. All songs by OWN BOO.

also One of MYSPACE's Best Tapes of 2014 (So Far)

"God bless Mirror Universe Tapes for bringing this Italian outfit Stateside—and to my attention. OWN BOO hails from Brescia, Italy, a place I've never been to but I hear is a pretty magical place. This tape is pretty magical too, combining psychedelic pop leanings with throwback new wave feels, and a vocalist who sings with as much conviction as Chrissie Hynde. Where have you been all my life, OWN BOO?" - Kristen Yoonsoo Kim
"['Edie'] is reminiscent of the hazy, psych trademark of Kurt Vile, but with female vocals and rocked by way more muscular, crunchy guitar riffs (that never hurts). " - Mattia Villa of We are Going Solo

This EP was self released by OWN BOO as a one sided 12" in Italy.

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