Mirror Universe & Serenity Now Tapes

Welcome to Mirror Universe & Serenity Now Tapes.

These labels have not been active for quite some time - we are very sorry if you reached out & did not get a response.  

If you are curious about what we are up to these days some of the Mirror Universe crew is working on a new project called C86'd Records.

Follow C86'd on Instagram for info about releases & upcoming shows or come on out to our first C86'd Fest on 08/31/2024 in NYC:


Mirror Universe bandcamp 
(post-punk, punk, pop, shoegaze, experimental)
Serenity Now bandcamp 
(hardcore, crust, d-beat, noise)

If you have questions or are placing a large order please get in touch first: mirroruniversetapes (at) gmail (dot) com.

Streams & Discography are at the bottom of this page.


Prefer Spotify? Listen to Mirror Universe releases here or Serenity Now releases here

Most releases can also be found at your favorite digital store like iTunes, Amazon, or whatever...but it really helps if you purchase downloads directly from us via bandcamp.  

Mirror Universe: facebook, tumblrtwitter, and instagram.
Serenity Now: facebook, twitter, and instagram.

|| FIND OUT MORE ABOUT US || How to submit music for consideration || Contact Info   ||

DISCOGRAPHY & Links & Streams to all releases on both labels in chronological order: 
  • click through to bandcamp to purchase
  • MU69: Sodium Beast- Night Club Tonight
  • MU68: SLEEPiES- Melt To You
  • SN014: Argument- Argument
  • MU.GT01: GIMME TINNITUS MIX TAPE (All Proceeds benefit the NYCLU
  • MU67: Deadbeat Club- Never Happened
  • MU66: New Berlin- Roosevelts at 7
  • SN08: Stinger || Mauler Split 7"
  • SN11: IDES- Born To Run In Place 
  • MU65: Fat Heaven- Tough Luck 
  • MU64: His Clancyness- Isolation Culture Demos 
  • MU63: Sci-Fi Caper- Star Stuff
  • MU62: DECORUM- Near Gone || No Haven
  • MU61: Deadbeat Club- Deadbeatclub
  • SN12: Toxicology - With Consequence
  • MU60: Joey Sprinkles- Bubble Guts 
  • SN10: Death Vacation- Bones Grow Cold
  • Dott- Beverly Baldwin
  • MU58: Posh Lost- Posh Lost
  • MU57: SLEEPiES- Natural Selection
  • SN09: Clean Girls \ \ \ Jail Solidarity - Split 
  • MU56: The Meltaways- The Meltaways 
  • MU55: Future Museums- An Absence 
  • SN07: Youth Avoiders- Discography 2010-2016
  • SN06: CHUD: ... Out Of the Sewers
  • SN05: Death Vacation- Death Vacation
  • SN04: Weather Lore- Si Quieres Un Movimiento, Muevete
  • MU53: Chomp- Bruise Control
  • SN03: Death Vacation / Thumbscrews split
  • MU52: Break Up Flowers- Man Made Path
  • MU51: Kindling- Spike & Wave
  • MU50: Night Powers- Hand of the Thief 
  • SN02- Lucid Terror- Whip You Til You Faint
  • SN01: Death Vacation- Through Your Head
  • MU49: Shy Mirrors- Dodging the Column 
  • MU48: V/A- "Without A Trace"
  • MU47: Single Lash 
  • MU46: EULA- Wool Sucking 
  • MU45: No Monster Club- People Are Weird
  • MU44: Unlikely Friends- Solid Gold Cowboys
  • MU43: Clean Girls- Day of the Woman
  • MU40: Slow Pulse- Slow Pulse
  • MU41: Hartwell Littlejohn & War Party - Fuck Atlanta
  • MU39: Dan Svizeny- Daniel Anton Svizeny
  • MU38: Lame Drivers- Unlimited Ride MU37 SUR- Dog Daze 
  • MU36: Spakkiano- Spakkiano 
  • MU35: Whatever It Is You're Doing Now 
  • MU33 Marshall Trotter - Small Troubles 
  • MU31: M. Sage- Scatter The Cabal 
  • MU30: Matt LeMay- Singles 
  • MU29: Shy Mirrors- Wrong Bomb 
  • MU28 Mr. Jenkins - In Transit/Sleep
  • MU26 Yu(c)k - Weakend 
  • MU25 Idiot Glee - I Did It Sober 
  • MU24 Cop Magnet - Babe Magnet
  • MU23 Emperor X - Defiance 
  • MU22: Foot Village - Fuck the Future II 
  • MU21: The Slasher Film Festival Strategy- Wet Leather 
  • MU20 His Clancyness - Always Mist 
  • MU19 Magic Places - Nitelab Lockbox
  • MU18 Cough Cool - Epic Dreams
  • MU16 The War On Drugs - Slave Ambient 
  • MU15 Blissed Out - White Triangle 
  • MU14 Tapeworms Eat Bookworms - Space Burial 
  • MU13 Pink Priest - God of Blues
  • MU12 Dead Gaze - End of Days, Why Not You?
  • MU11 Sacred Harp - Feast of the Green Corn
  • MU10 Sun Mantra - S/T
  • MU09 Baby Lips - Nineteen Ninety Ching 
  • MU08 Kid Trails - Winlow
  • MU07 the Meanest Boys - Cheer Up Friend 
  • MU06 Active Child - Sun Rooms 
  • MU05 Weed Diamond - Sweater Kids 
  • MU04 Washed Out - High Times 
  • MU03 M.R. - Sun-washed 
  • MU02 Toro Y Moi - Body Angles 
  • MU01 Ophibre/Brian Grainger- split #3


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